The Talking Type 1 Podcast

27. Helen Wills: Life as a parent to a type 1 teenager

March 14, 2021 Daniel Newman Season 1 Episode 27
The Talking Type 1 Podcast
27. Helen Wills: Life as a parent to a type 1 teenager
Show Notes

In this episode, I speak to award-winning lifestyle blogger and host of The Teenage Kicks Podcast Helen Wills aka Actuallymummy. Helen teenage daughter Maddie was diagnosed with type 1 at 9 years old. 

Helen shares her experience of Maddie’s diagnosis story, their first year of diagnosis as a family and the impact this had on the whole family. Helen also spoke of how diabetes has helped her to overcome perfection. A key takeaway from Helen’s journey was how she has and continues to navigate the change in the dynamic of her relationship with managing Maddie’s type 1 diabetes as now Maddie is a teenager and is has more independence and control over her type 1 management. 

In this episode when talking about glucose levels we use mmols and if you use mg/dL then multiply the number by 18 to convert.

***Trigger warning this episode discusses self-harm. We do not go into detail but it is spoken about as a topic of Helen’s podcast***

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A bit about the show and host

The Talking Type 1 podcast is a diabetes podcast by Daniel Newman. Daniel brings to you interviews from members of the diabetes community sharing their journeys of the ups and downs of living with type 1 diabetes. You’ll hear from those who live with type 1 diabetes, provide care to those living with type 1, healthcare professionals and experts in their field. 

The interviews will be an open and honest insight into life with type 1 diabetes that you can relate to and also provide the opportunity to learn more about the condition. Daniel will share his insights into his life living with type 1 diabetes. Daniel has lived with the condition along with for over 24 years. He also lives with diabetic retinopathy and received a kidney transplant in 2018. 

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