The Talking Type 1 Podcast

48. Diabetes and Fertility with Anita Beckwith

August 19, 2022 Daniel Newman Season 1 Episode 48
The Talking Type 1 Podcast
48. Diabetes and Fertility with Anita Beckwith
Show Notes

My guest today is Anita Beckwith. Anita leads the Diabetes Specialist Dietitian Team and DAFNE services at Kings College Hospital in London. Anita's practice is heavily embedded within the National DAFNE Consortium. Anita is also a certified fertility dietician. Anita supports many women, men and couples through their fertility journey.  When it comes to preconception for people living with diabetes it has been focused on our glucose levels however Anita provides a more holistic approach to supporting diabetes management, overall nutrition and lifestyle.

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A bit about the show and host

The Talking Type 1 podcast is a diabetes podcast by Daniel Newman. Daniel brings to you interviews with members of the diabetes community sharing their journeys of the ups and downs of living with type 1 diabetes. You’ll hear from those who live with type 1 diabetes, provide care to those living with type 1, healthcare professionals and experts in their field. 

The interviews will be an open and honest insight into life with type 1 diabetes that you can relate to and also provide the opportunity to learn more about the condition. Daniel will share his insights into his life living with type 1 diabetes. Daniel has lived with the condition for over 26 years. He also lives with diabetic retinopathy and received a kidney transplant in 2018. 

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